stage one complete!

Place your vintage Remington autoloader photo's here..
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stage one complete!

Post by Hibby83 »

Hello fellow enthusiasts.

Here's four of my model 8's that i picked up this year. My desire to own one has been around awhile but this February sparked the start.

The first one "25 REM" I found on gunbroker and hit buy it now on a Wednesday. That coming weekend "before the money order even arrived to the seller", I found a 35 Remington Model 8 from an elderly gentleman at a gun show. I didn't leave with it that day, even though I wanted to. I met a vendor at the same show "saturday" that was into Vietnam era militaria, I discussed with him that I had quite a decent amount of Vietnam era 20 round AR magazines and came up with a quote that he may give. I went back the next day with the magazines and that vendor was pleased with what I brought and we made a deal "I was paid $380 for the lot of mags". I went straight over to the table of the older gentleman with the 35 and bantered with him over a price and we finally met at one i was comfortable with, shook hands and walked away Model 8 in hand smiling.

In between the 35 and the next one, I had started train up and had been deployed to Poland. My father was pretty excited to talk to me one evening, the beginning of this month. He explained to me that the same older gentleman i had bought the 35 from had a nice 30 REM on the table. This one was in much nicer condition than the 35 REM. They had settled on a price hardly over what I paid for the 35.

Last week while checking online I found a 32 REM with factory checkered stock. I ended up being the only bidder. On Friday of this week it showed up to my FFL, dad went picked it up and sent me some photos this weekend.

Today my father took the 30 and 32 out to my range and gave me a range report. He was happy to let me know they both operate as they should. My mother even took some video of him shooting the old spring poles. I'm lucky to have such supportive parents like them to help me take care of my finances, house and my form of jackitis while I'm away :D .

So here I am in Poland until early next year anxious to get my hands on and shoot the last two acquired Model 8's :lol: .

#1 -35 Rem
#2 - 32 Rem William's peep and factory checkered
#3 - 30 Rem Full Marble' sights "peep, rear and #6 front"
#4 - 25 Rem Lyman peep
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Re: stage one complete!

Post by Phyrbird »

AH HA :!: Another victim of the dread collector's disease.
Told you these old rifles pine for their relatives, but glad you are having such good luck with your efforts.
A really great photo of the group, congrats..

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Re: stage one complete!

Post by kenhwind »

Nice set of Remington's, and habit forming

We only had one for many years which was Dad's, an 8-C in .35,
then a few years back we came home with an 81 .300 Savage.
Then another 81 in .300..
then another 81 in .35.
Sold the 81 in .35
Bought a .32 barrel assembly on eBay and
then bought a Model 8 in .25
sold the .32 barrel assembly...
bought another 8 in 30 Rem...
sold our friend the second 81 .300
and just recently acquired another 8 n 30 Remington.

We now have 5 of these Remington's, and kind of wish we had kept the 81 in .35 it was pretty nice one. The 81 in .300 was nice too but at least its still in our very small clique.

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