1909 model 8

Place your vintage Remington autoloader photo's here..
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1909 model 8

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My daughter owns Crystal Coast Pawn and one of our customers described this old rifle he had that wouldn't work. Wondered if we could fix it for him. The next time he came in he decided that he just wanted to sell it. I instantly recognized it as one of my wall hanger want list items... and in .35 Rem. The bore was badly corroded from one end to the other. Looked like something was growing in it. However it wasn't in bad shape outwardly... so I bought it from him. A friend looked at the stuck action and had it fixed in a few minutes. I bought a box of Remington 200 gr ammo, and we shot it. Shot about 3" group at 30 yards. What I expected from such a badly corroded bore. I'm assuming from black powder shooting and NO cleaning. Here are a few photos of the rifle, now with a good barrel installed. Haven't shot it yet, but will be sometime in the next month. ... index.html

I don't know how to post photos here... perhaps someone could tell me how it's done.

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Re: 1909 model 8

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I could use your old barrel if you want to get rid of it.

Nice looking gun!

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