Place your vintage Remington autoloader photo's here..
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This is a neat story that I'll attempt to pass on accurately. Tom feel free to jump in and correct me!!!

This rifle had been owned by a gentleman for many years. It was sent off to a gunsmith for repairs where our friends w/ S&S Hunt Club noticed it was in fact, an FBI issue Model 81. The owner quickly became excited at the idea, but the downside was that many of the original parts had been replaced. Notably the special height front sight post, the rear sight blank, and the Lyman 41 receiver sight. After much searching, the owner procured a Lyman receiver sight, an original rear sight blank, and after being provided factory drawings was able to have an exact reproduction made of the front sight post. Way to restore a piece of law enforcement history Tom! This FBI 81 has been resurrected :D

Here's the AFTER picture...
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Hey Tom,

What a great effort to get the rifle back to the way it was meant to be. These FBI rifles do not appear very often in any condition. You are in a very elite group of collectors to have one of the FBI rifles in your collection. You did good with your efforts of restoration :)



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very nice!
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This was a sweet project. I recall being contacted by Tom via email and he wanted to resurrect his Model 81 that was in pieces, so that he could use it for hunting. I put him in touch with a friend of mine, Mike Ryan...who is a great gunsmith, so that he could legally ship the rifle to Michigan. I have recommended Mike to other Model 8 & 81 enthusiast throughout the years.

When Tom's rifle arrived at Mike's shop, I drove down to check it out. I walked into Mike's old school small barn shop and he pointed to about a 3 ft. long wooden 1x box on his table. Inside was a disassembled Remington Model 81. I picked up the receiver to check it out & to date the rifle, and that's when I noticed it was a F.B.I. Model 81. I explained to Mike the difference's between a standard Model 81 and a FBI 81. I was pretty excited to contact Tom and let him know that he had a rare piece of Remington history. I emailed Tom with the good news and Mike & Tom talked about how to proceed with the project.

I must say, it is pretty cool to be part something like this. The excitement was like walking into a gun shop and finding a pristine rare Remington model 8 on their rack for $450.00. Tom was excited to find out that he had a FBI model 81 in 30 Rem and he started his search for Lyman 41R sight that he needed. From what I recall, the rifle had been in pieces for a number of years and we supplied one of the internal standard model 81 parts that had gone missing through the years.

For service work, here's Mike Ryan's link: http://www.mikeryangunsmith.com
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From personal experience, doesn't get any better than having "S and S Bob" and Mike Ryan working for you.

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