Four More For The Stable

Place your vintage Remington autoloader photo's here..
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Four More For The Stable

Post by jack1653 »

Hey Guys,

For those who may have wondered if the "jackitis" had been removed, the answer is "Nope, just taking a reprieve!" :o It got me good a couple of weeks ago and I found some nice gems that were in need of some new company. ;) How could I possibly ignore the calling! :lol:

One of the rifles had a rare Lyman peep sight and was worth the price of the rifle. There is really nothing exceptional about three of the rifles and as you can see three were the old round knob pistol grip. I just love those old stocks and you just don't run across good ones very often. Two of the rifles are from 1910, one from 1911 and 1 from 1914. The rifle on the bottom appears to have a factory checkered stock and forearm but I am conflicted about that because the pattern is a variance from the norm. :? It is in excellent condition.

Be on the look out for another acquisition that I have asked 81police to post for me.

I think I can take a break for awhile but then again........


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Re: Four More For The Stable

Post by 81police »

I'm not sure it can still be called a "stable" at this point :shock:

Those round knob pistol grips are my favorite stocks :) Those are some nice, clean looking rifles Jack.
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Re: Four More For The Stable

Post by alizah »

:shock: nice guns

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Re: Four More For The Stable

Post by Headoftheholler »

Love the stock on that bottom rifle!

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