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WTB .30/.32 recoil spring, buffer spring, recoil spring case

Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:18 am
by Adam Lee
Hey guys!
I've got a pair of "convertibles" I'm getting together. Already having fun with a Model 81 with "big bolt" that I take to the WMA with .300 Sav/.35 Rem front ends.

Have another Model 81 I have set up with a "small bolt" and one .30Rem barrel/jacket assembly. Since I made a trade with Carl a while back for a nice .32Rem barrel, I've now taken one of the .300 jackets and would like to swap out its springs for the softer .30/.32Rem type.

Conversely, I'm open to swapping parts. Just let me know if anyone has parts!

Adam Lee in VA

Re: WTB .30/.32 recoil spring, buffer spring, recoil spring case

Posted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 2:18 pm
by Phyrbird
Good for you, Adam.
A note: which was the base for the 300S/35R swap? A 300 or the 35? They differ. :!:
Have you fired any from both the barrel assemblies? Did it function OK?
I've not tried it yet but I suspect the 300S bolt will function OK with standard 35R rounds and the correct barrel as long as headspace is correct. Yeah you gotta test it.
I question if the 35R bolt will cycle 300Sav brass. There's a .006 difference in the bolt face recess diameter. The extractors are the same....
I know 25R has smaller springs in the jacket, and need to know if 32R springs differ from the 30R. Has anyone measured? :?: :?:

Re: WTB .30/.32 recoil spring, buffer spring, recoil spring case

Posted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 5:13 pm
by Adam Lee
Carl -
thanks for looking in!

The base receiver/bolt half for my .300/.35 convertible happens to be a standard .300 Savage bolt. Basically, I just thought "hey everything seems to indicate this will work" if I just swap the .35Rem barrel front end onto the .300 Sav back end. I remembered the very minute difference in bolt face diameter between the two, so I thought it would work this way with the .300 Sav bolt.

Anyway it worked out, everything went fine. Now, I didn't shoot a bunch of .35 since I didn't have as many as the .300 rounds but IIRC every round fired and ejected. I really need to do this again when I'm back from New Hampshire at the latter part of August. I was using .300 Sav barrel jacket/spring assemblies for both rounds - I had left my .35Rem barrel jacket/spring setup at home. So I'm not totally sure what to say, regarding the cycling of the ammo but it worked! Probably only a dozen no more than 15 rounds with the .35 half, but more like 25-30 with the .300 half.

I have a .30 Rem but wanted to set up my "extra" barrel jacket with another "light" spring setup for that .32 barrel.

Alright I've used up my available time, dog needs to go out!

Take care