Model 81 Low Capacity Magazine (POE)

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Model 81 Low Capacity Magazine (POE)

Post by L.C.Borden »

Would like to acquire a five round POE magazine. Live in So.California and the wise legislators here have banned Large Capacity Magazines. The only way for me to use this sweetheart Legally is to acquire a smaller magazine. Please help me with this problem if possible. There is no way a sane person could cut down or modify a numbers matching magazine, so am searching for any viable alternatives!

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Re: Model 81 Low Capacity Magazine (POE)

Post by jack1653 »

Hey L.C.,

What is the name of the agency of your POE rifle? Could you post some pictures for us to see? I know only one agency that had the 5 shot POE magazine and it was the Conneticut State Police. The 15 shot POE mags are far to expensive to be cut down and then you would have a spring problem in the mag. The receiver on the POE rifles have been altered to accept the POE mags and there fore you cannot put a standard 5-shot fix mag back in the rifle. If you get to the point of wanting to sell the rifle let me know. I have extra 15-shot extended magazines but will not sell them. Thank you for your consideration.



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Re: Model 81 Low Capacity Magazine (POE)

Post by jim c 351 »

L C Borden,
I'm no expert but from what I have been able to learn you will never find such a magazine and if you did it would probably be very expensive.
I suggest that you have a 5 shot mag made at a good machine shop, using your 15 shot mag as a pattern.
Jim C
PS another thought. Would it be legal if you installed a block inside the 15 rd mag so that only 5 shots would fit??
Nothing permanent, mind you.

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Re: Model 81 Low Capacity Magazine (POE)

Post by Sarge756 »

L.C. , I cannot say that I feel your pain as I do not reside within the barbed wire confines of a state such as Kalifornia. Have several friends that left our backward section of the country in search of "California Dreams" and have heard similar laments from them. Approaching the sunset of ones life has an advantage when faced with a quandary such as yours. As I have moved into that status quite unexpectantly ( A 16 yo in a 70ish body) behavior that is mala prohibita , thereby "Illegal" I tend to view as merely a "Sick Eagle". You have the choice of now having a "single shot" or thinking of your rifle as being equipped with an "undocumented feeding device" and declare that it resides in a sanctuary area .
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Re: Model 81 Low Capacity Magazine (POE)

Post by 81police »

sell the rifle to Jack! I kid but not really.
Cam Woodall
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