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Guns for a Friend

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Hey Guys,

A friend has asked if I might help him locate some Remington's for his collection. I have seen some postings from some of you about these rifles. I do not know that much about the rifles he is looking for, but thought some of you might be able to help him or direct him to where he may look to find the rifles. He is looking for rifles in great condition and will pay the price if the rifle meets his expectations. You may send me a Private Message and I will give the contact information to you so that you may talk directly with him. I will not be involved in the transaction but will say that this individual is trustworthy and has been honest with me.

The rifles that are being sought are:
Remington model 14 1/2 R 44-40 (Carbine)
Remington model 141 R .35 (Carbine)
Remington model 25 R 25-20 (Carbine)



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Re: Guns for a Friend

Post by jim8008 »


Look at LeRoy Merz, New Arrivals R2136. Not a carbine ... but nice.


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Re: Guns for a Friend

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A fellow on my FB page has a Model 14 in .35 Remington that looks very nice. He is open to offers.

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