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Looking to trade my 1947 Remington 81 35REm for Remington model 8 with pistol grip stock

Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 4:54 pm
by DirtyHarry44
I have a Remington model 81 35 Remington caliber manufactured in 1947, (Which I nicknamed Roswell) in great condition.
The rifle has a Weaver side scope mount base with Weaver detachable scope mount that has a mounted Weaver K4 scope with clear optics.
I love the rifle, but after buying I really became interested in the Remington model 8's with the pisol grip, or semi pisol grip as some call it. I have seen this configuration on different Remington model 8's, but I am only interested in the ones with 35 Remington as the caliber. If there is possibly a 300Savage in this configuration I may consider this as well. I am not interested in the model 81 pistol grips, but if you have a model 81 35Rem or 300sav with the older model 8 pistol grip that would be fine with me also.
I am not interested in model 8's with the straight "Beavertail" stocks.
So if you are interested hit me up, I will consider all conditions of Remington model 8's with the pistol grip stock.
I also have a nice Savage 1899 lever gun in 300Savage with factory receiver aperture sight that I may consider trading for a pistol gripped Remington model 8 35Rem.
Let me know if there is any interest in working something out.
Hope to hear from you!