2 Model 8's and One Model 81 (Price Drop)

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2 Model 8's and One Model 81 (Price Drop)

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I have for sale 2 - Model 8 Remingtons and 1 - Model 81 Remington. I'm helping my mother in law sell these rifles after the passing of my father in law in July 2015 from a sudden stroke. I will describe each as accurate as I can and will add picture albums for each. I 've been a member here for a long time but not much posting. All three rifles are equipped with Marbles R-6 rear tang sights and have custom stocks made from trees from my wife's family farm. I've researched these rifles and rear sights. I'll give anyone interested an opportunity to purchase a rifle with or without the R-6 sight. Which ever you prefer. Replacement screws are available on Ebay for $10 each.
Rifle #1 Sold
Remington Model 8 chambered in .25 Remington. Homemade stock and forearm, very nice bore. At one time front sight dovetail mount came loose and has been brazed to the spring tube. Shoddy job but could be removed and re-sweated. Can see in a couple pictures. Very pretty wood on the stock, forearm wood is nice but could used refinished. Not much original bluing left, mostly on the right side of the receiver. Screws for original rear sight are present but sight and elevation ramp are not. I do have some original .25 brass I will include with the sale. I also have .30 brass that's been necked down. Brass and tang sight only available with rifle sale or unless either rifle buyer doesn't want it. See pictures here:https://imgur.com/a/GHkvp Price $350 with tang sight, $200 without

Rifle #2:Sold
Remington Model 8 Chambered in .25 Remington. Absolutely beautiful stock and forearm. Excellent bore with 75% - 80% original bluing. Front barrel band and strap included. Many inlays which I believe to be ivory. Also equipped with R-6 rear sight. Original rear sight screws are present but rear sight has been cut off. Best overall unmolested condition of the three. As with the other .25 rifle, I have some brass, both .25 Remington and necked down .30 Remington. I will have to get a count to know exactly. Pictures available here: https://imgur.com/a/dohJz Price $450 with tang sight, $300 without

Rifle #3 Sold
Remington Model 81 Chambered in .300 Savage. Absolutely stunning wood on this one. Would have been by far the best of the three but the spring tube came loose from the bracket that mounts to the receiver and my father in law had it brazed, which was not a high quality job. Bluing on receiver and barrel spring tube close to 95+%. Excellent bore and was in excellent shape before the repair. I believe it could be taken apart and repaired. Shoots and operates as it should just doesn't have the best appearance. Definitely worth investing a little to repair properly. Rear sight screws are present but factory rear sight has been cut off. I do have quite a little brass and some reloaded ammo for this one. Pictures can be seen here:https://imgur.com/a/p0r9Z Price: $450 with tang sight, $300 without.

Here's a picture of the 3 Model eights I had and the model 81 together.
The .30 Remington has been sold.

The prices I've given with the tangs sights reflect the sights below current value but I wanted to make the rifle more attractive to the purchaser as a package and not have to be split up. My father in law had these rifles for all his life and part of his father's life. That's why I posted them here offering them to people I know would appreciate them. If you have any questions or want more pictures of anything specific please let me know. E-mail is best for me since it comes directly to my phone and I can get back to you in a timely manner. Rifles are located in Iowa if you want to see them in person. Make sure your FFL will accept from an individual. I can ship through my FFL for a slight fee. Prices do not include shipping or additional FFL charges. My e-mail is:revlandredangus@gmail.com
Thank you for your interest in advance.

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