Did you guys see this one on GB?

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Re: Did you guys see this one on GB?

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I think its beautifully stocked with a weird amalgam of checkered forearm and uncheckered buttstock. Looks like higher grade wood with a cap on the pistol grip. Stock has a metal disc set in bottom of stock and "cheeks" and the bottom tang butt plate which make me think it's a factory butt stock, but "cheeks" are an early gun feature and bottom tang is generally a later gun feature. Probably Remington had some older higher grade wood with "cheeks" sitting around and they cut and added the later style butt plate. The forearm checkering? Does that look factory? Doesn't really to me, but could be aging eyes. Is that a shiney lacquer finish on the wood? Weren't they all oil finished? The general effect is for a really nice looking gun that I wouldn't mind owning for the right price. Previous bidder couldn't get it for $1,051. I think its a little pricey for me.
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Re: Did you guys see this one on GB?

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I`ll second that. From the others that she has listed it looks like the departed one had excellent taste. Feel there is a lesson here for us that are still upright cause it appears that he prepared well for the disposal of his collection. While it is great to find a bargain I sure don`t want the contents of my safes to end up at a garage sale. Though "The Boss" has her CCW and enjoys shooting pistols with me the long guns according to her " All look alike". Faced with that, I have prepared her with photos of each one, with full description and value with a hard copy book and on a computer flash drive. Something to consider, cause though I think it terrible we can`t take them or our favorite Lab with us on the last trip.
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Re: Did you guys see this one on GB?

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Amen, Joe. Been working on exactly the same for awhile now.
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