Griffin & Howe base & rings - Heads Up

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Griffin & Howe base & rings - Heads Up

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Re: Griffin & Howe base & rings - Heads Up

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This is just a heads up for any folks that are looking at and/or bidding on this Griffin and Howe scope mount, with the hopes that its the "complete package" for your Remington Model 8 or Model 81. The base plate is correct for the 8's & 81's, as well as the detachable Griffin and Howe scope ring base. However, the 7/8" "over the bore" scope rings are incorrect for the 8's & 81's.

You will need to purchase another set of rings that mount directly "on top or above" the scope ring base, for the Remington Model 8's & 81's to eject the spent cartridge properly. The scope rings that are currently on this mount, put the scope directly over the ejection port, which causes the spent brass to hit the scope tube and deflect back downward into the ejection port. The end result is the spent brass gets deflected off of the scope and back down into the path of the complete bolt assembly, which in turn causes a jamb each and every time you pull the trigger!

Just giving everyone the heads up!

Shown below are two pictures of a Griffin & Howe mount, with the correct style scope rings needed for problem free ejection.

Enjoy Life, S and S HUNTCLUB
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