81 35 cal ammo

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81 35 cal ammo

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Wher can I purchase the correct ammo for my 35 cal 81?

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Re: 81 35 cal ammo

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I've seen it at all the gun shows and it is available new - just googled "35 Remington ammo", got lots of hits.

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Re: 81 35 cal ammo

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Re: 81 35 cal ammo

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hornady makes a 200gr leverolution bullet in .35 cal. If i had 35 rem i would look good into that.

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Re: 81 35 cal ammo

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Depending on where you live almost any good gun shop or sporting good store has 200 grain, 35 rem, soft point,
rifle ammo. Among places I've located this ammo include ACE hardware in the sporting goods section.
Also CABELLAS if you happen to live near one. Prices I've seen vary from around $ 28.00 to $ 30.00 a box.
Marlin model 336 uses the same cartridge.
Available through the mail also I hear, but to avoid postage charges unless its really low price I'd prefer
a walk-in store to save time and bucks. :)

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