Remington Model 8 & 81 Pro Takedown Tools & More From CBR!

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Remington Model 8 & 81 Pro Takedown Tools & More From CBR!

Post by remcrazy »

I'm back in Arizona and again offering the Remington Model 8 & 81 Pro Takedown Tools & spanner wrenches. Pro Tool sets are $80 plus shipping; spanner wrenches are $50 plus shipping. Please see the two videos on this site for complete takedown proceedures using both of these great tools! Thanks to Cam Woodall!

I also have the Model 8 forearm takedown screw assemblies available in exact detailed reproduction $25 each and cannot be distinguished from originals! Another set containing the aforementioned swivel screw, and reproduction ferrule nut $40. I do offer the ferrule nuts seperately for $15 each, they are extremley difficult to make. I have available, the front barrel band assemblies for Trials Rifles in exact reproduction form, built from original 1903 Springfield bands and steel form pressed & heat treated. These are gorgeous bright blue finish. Please email for pricing as supplies are limited! I will combine shipping on all items for best possible cost. All shipping via priority flat rate whenever possible, fully insured with delivery confirmation. All high cost items ship same but signature confirmation in lieu of del. conf. This is for your protection and mine!

As before, I offer complete exact, hand made butt stocks & forearms stocks for both Model 8 and 81 in "every" variation Remington offered as well as custom stocks such as the Trials Rifle & Full Military Stock Rifles & more. None of my stocks are produced from pantographs or duplicators. They are all old school, completely built from scratch and by hand! They will be custom fit to your rifle. This requires your receiver and/or rifle shipped to me to do so. Forearms are fairly straight forward and seldom require much if any additional fitting but, part of the fitting service!

I will be happy to sell anyone a stock set that has been 95% completed by me. The other 5% must be final fit by you or your gunsmith as NO two rifles are exactly alike! Please remember, ALL of these rifles were hand fit and hand built! ALL stock work is custom order and NO returns! Requires 50% deposit and balance due upon notification of being completed and ready for shipping. Each order will be verified with client prior to building, once deposit received and build started, there is NO turning back, you own it! These take minimum one week to complete, two weeks minimum with stain & finish dry time! Everything is first come first served and I cannot garauntee a specific time or date until your order is placed!

I offer stain & finish for additional cost. The stains are oil based and are near identical match to Remingtons original colors. Remington had a deep reddish brown & darker walnut brown. Unfortunately with Remington, you got whatever they used at the time. I offer color matching to old stocks, such that one needing only a butt stock can have it matched to the old forearm and vice versa. Please be advised though, this is not an exact science and there is no absolute perfect match! Even Remington had variations in wood, color, grain, hue, etc.

For further costs, shipping details and additional information, please contact me at:"".

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Re: Remington Model 8 & 81 Pro Takedown Tools & More From CB

Post by mark5258 »

How do I get A barrel take down tool set. Other wise I have to make one. witch I am sure that I can do. But would rather not.It is for the remington model 8.

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Re: Remington Model 8 & 81 Pro Takedown Tools & More From CB

Post by 81police »

mark, these tools are no longer in production.
Cam Woodall
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Re: Remington Model 8 & 81 Pro Takedown Tools & More From CB

Post by S and S HUNTCLUB »

Here's a link to a CBR Remington Model 8, 81 and FN 1900 wrench that is for sale. If you're still looking for a take-down tool. These are no longer being manufactured by CBR or anyone else. ... =534931815

Enjoy Life, Bob @ S and S HUNTCLUB

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