CBR 1" Whelen Leather Slings for Rem. 8 & 81!

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CBR 1" Whelen Leather Slings for Rem. 8 & 81!

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CBR now has 1" Whelen slings made with meticulous attention to detail from originals. These are the slings used on the Police & FBI rifles! Great for ALL your Model 8's & 81's! Made from high grade cow hide with solid brass claw fitting! Has the leather tie on one end for the completion of installation! Approx. length 70 + " x 1" wide, fully oiled for long life. There is a pictorial instruction sheet showing the correct install of the Whelen sling plus two others. If you go to Gun Broker sight, I have pictures showing the sling details and proper installation of the leather tie to the sling. These are for sale in limited quantity until I see how the market is. I also have a 1 1/4" Whelen sling for those with military and hunting rifles that want the best. Cost is $64.95 per sling. Priority shipping FULLY insured with tracking $9.20.
Please contact me direct at: circlebranch@cox.net for details.

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Re: CBR 1" Whelen Leather Slings for Rem. 8 & 81!

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Hello Bob,
Looks like a good job on the slings. I do a bit of leatherwork so can appreciate these. May have to add one to my collection.
Few years back I bought a project Model 8 from a fella on another forum. Needed a full polish and rust blue with all the parts intact and no extra holes drilled or anything. Bonus was that it included one of your stocks that I`m really happy to have. You do some fine work with the wood also. It is a pistol grip stock that takes a curved buttplate. Planning to finally start work on this one and was wondering if you could give a word of advice on the buttplate that I should be looking for. Has a four digit serial # date of manufacture 1908 in 30-30 Rem cal. Appears it might be the curved bakelite. Hopefully you might have a source for an original. Thanks and good to see you back on the 8.
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