stuck cam pin

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stuck cam pin

Post by Cyrano4747 »

Hey all,

I have a very early model 8 (looking around looks like it might be a pre-model 8?) that I've been tearing down completely to clean. Long story short, it was filthy. A hundred years of solidified oil, grease, and carbon. Frankly I think I'm the first person to get anything except the major assemblies apart since it left the factory.

One of the two cam pins that hold the bolt in the carrier is frozen in place good. I've tried penetrating oil (multiple types), I've tried making a nail into a thin punch to gently (and carefully) tap it through the other pin hole, being very careful to avoid the firing pin, I've tried heating the bolt carrier. Nothing. I'd really, really like to get this BCG apart. I'm tempted to just drill this pin out and look for a replacement, but most google hits for those pins turn up empty storefronts or dead websites. Plus I like to keep original parts when possible.

Any suggestions? I'm half tempted to just toss the bolt in a jar of gasoline for a month, rinse out whatever comes unstuck, and call it good. But man, I really want to get that bolt apart.

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Re: stuck cam pin

Post by kenhwind »

What I'd probably do is try a little heat with a butane lighter. Soaking it is also a good idea.
Old bore cleaner dried up hard like shellac, and you're right most of these rifles have never been disassembled.
You should already have or you can remove the firing pin.

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Re: stuck cam pin

Post by Rifleman »

Both of my 81's had everything from oil soaked dirt, weed seeds, bits of grass/leaves, power residue, you name it in the actions. If you haven't already done so, get or make proper tools to tear apart the barrel/barrel jacket assembly. If you haven't done so, you'll find a lot of crud and debris in that. Both of my barrels were cruddy with hard oil and covered with a light film of reddish rust, but not so that it damaged the barrel or interior of the jacket. Some persistent use of steel wool and superfine grit emery cloth put everything as new. Taking the barrel and jacket assembly is fairly easy if you follow prior directions and use proper tools.

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Re: stuck cam pin

Post by jack1653 »

Hey Cryano4747,

With the bolt assembly resting on a flat wood surface, use a steel punch as close to the same diameter of the cam pin and strike the punch firmly with a hammer and the pin should free itself from the bolt. I have used this method many times and it will work.



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