Segmented follower spring

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Segmented follower spring

Post by uhjohnson »

My follower came out of the magazine well like a Jack in a box and I do not know how to orient the spring to get it back together right the first time. I was surprised to see how it was put together with riveted segmented pieces.
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Re: Segmented follower spring

Post by chas1949 »

Never saw one that was riveted. Very small spot welds on any I have seen.
Wisner's still has them for sale, $20.

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Re: Segmented follower spring

Post by Phyrbird »

This is a standard "old" spring. Wide leaves to the back.

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Re: Segmented follower spring

Post by Fred »

Like said above, stack the spring with the un-riveted ends towards the rear of the magazine to reassemble.

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