Mod 8 recoil spring dimensions

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Mod 8 recoil spring dimensions

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I have a Model 8 in .32 Rem that i have been trying to restore to working condition. I found the gun in a pawn shop, and upon disassembly, discovered the recoil spring case had been cracked, then brazed and turned on a lathe, then it had cracked again. The recoil spring that sits inside of the case has been mangled as well. It appears the end of the spring had broken off and the original repair had involved reforming the end of the spring and streching it out to match the original length. The spring coils over upon itself during recoil and won't slide down into the recoil spring case completely. I found a new recoil spring case through Numrich, however, I am having trouble finding a replacement recoil spring. I was hoping someone could give me the dimensions of an original spring? Or does anyone know where I could find a spring? I have tried Jack First, Numrich, and Wolff Springs, without luck. Thanks for the help!

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Re: Mod 8 recoil spring dimensions

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Lots of luck in your search. I've been looking for three screws to replace ones on a 81 that someone once upon a time 'buggered up' with a ill fitting screwdriver, plus several other parts to have on hand 'just in case'. I've checked First and Numrich, plus about a dozen other online outfits for around 4 months now on a regular basis with no luck. Haven't seen a recoil spring listed either in any caliber.
Reference to replacing the spring, Henwoods book makes reference to the recoil spring being replaced by specific caliber. Older parts lists by Remington also show replacement by caliber. Assume it has to do with power/resistibility of the spring and size according to caliber. I would think that just replacing a spring according to width and length may not have what it takes to replace the recoil spring in your Model 8. It would either not have enough strength or to much to work the barrel return and function of the rifle. Others who have been around the 8/81 more will have to jump in and give their view and knowledge. I have seen guys replace springs in a firearm just because they looked like original's, but wouldn't function the gun in a reliable and proper manner. Good luck in your search.

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