Barrel jacket question

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Barrel jacket question

Post by LyingBastard »

This is my spare barrel jacket (for the barrel project) and, is it me or it looks it was bent towards the front sight?
BarrelJacket2_01.jpg (468.88 KiB) Viewed 1685 times
BarrelJacket2_02.jpg (264.17 KiB) Viewed 1685 times
BarrelJacket2_03.jpg (328.77 KiB) Viewed 1685 times
I can swear I am seeing a bit of a bulge/dent forming around the first third of the front sight base and then going in an angle towards the muzzle of the barrel. I put the barrel nut (the only one I have right now) to help highlight the feeling of off-centeredness I have.

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Re: Barrel jacket question

Post by chas1949 »

Looks like barrel bushing has been cross threaded in.

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Re: Barrel jacket question

Post by Phyrbird »

I agree on the Xthread, getting a reliable smith to chase those threads is gonna be a B**~~> :!: :!: They'd have to start way back & come out with out changing the thread pitch.
I can't find one anymore that won't rip you off then charge for work not done or schlepped though just to get your money. :x
Blueing is non existent, lathe or mill work is not just a arm & leg but your option to procreate. :twisted:
Wish I could find a near local smith, reliable, accurate, & fair....
I have many pieces needing bluing that would be prime repair parts. I have 3 projects desperate for accurate mill/lathe work. Plus I need 2-3 die bodies turned for my reloading stuff.

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