Bolt rotation

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Bolt rotation

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I was looking at the barrel in my Model 8 and could not figure out what makes the bolt rotate when it is about to lock itself against the barrel. Usually I would see some kind of groove in an angle that would grab the tabs and rotate the bolt, but I am not seeing that. Am I missing something?

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Re: Bolt rotation

Post by chas1949 »

I will try to explain with info I have read.
When the rifle is in "battery" the barrel is forward and bolt carrier forward with bolt locked into barrel extension. When fired the barrel and bolt carrier recoil as one until fully rearward. The barrel then is pulled back into the barrel shroud by the recoil spring while the bolt carrier stays locked back. When the barrel moves forward away from bolt carrier the bolt is pulled forward, rotates on the cam pins and unlocks from the barrel extension and spent shell is ejected. When the barrel is fully forward again it releases the bolt carrier which then moves forward, picks up new shell from magazine and returns to the battery position. When bolt contacts the barrel extension and is pushed back into carrier it rotates on cam pins to lock into barrel extension.

If anyone sees this differently please correct me.

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Re: Bolt rotation

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I might add: there is a ridge on the inside left of the receiver that engages the bolt stop while the bolt carrier is between full open & battery. It helps prevent the bolt being rotated from vertical till it seats in the barrel on closing. Still the bolt can be rotated when all the way back. It's one of those "it's broke :!: " that ain't broke just out of place.
Embarrassing when it happens & the bolt won't close all the way. :oops: :lol:

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