Marble R-6 Height Adjustment Issue

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Marble R-6 Height Adjustment Issue

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Sold a Marble R-6 sight to a guy and he's having issues getting the knurled nut loose to adjust elevation. The large and small knurled nut are two separate pieces correct? One is locking and the other is adjustment? He's have a devil of a time getting it loosened up. It was on the rifle and correct so I never had to mess with it. The rifle was always stored in a dry clean environment so I don't think it's a corrosion issue. Anyone have a picture of one taken apart? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks REV

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Re: Marble R-6 Height Adjustment Issue

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I have one of the R-6 sights too. If I remember correctly ( getting to be somewhat iffy these days) the bottom ring moves down to unlock the upper barrel shaped ring so it can be rotated to rise and lower the staff/eye piece. Once the staff is set then the lower ring moves up to lock it in place. I do remember having one heck of a time getting them apart as well. The sight was purchased on line and when installed on my M8 needed to be adjusted for sighting in. I also remember being concerned with not damaging the knurling on the rings trying to get them unlocked.

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