Proper Lubrication (for the Model 8/81)

Information on Malfunctions and Care of your Model 8 & 81
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Proper Lubrication (for the Model 8/81)

Post by doublecanister »

I have a few questions regarding the proper lubrication of the Model 8/81.

What parts need lubrication? Where does the most metal wear happen on these rifles? Given the tiny parts inside the receiver, should I be careful about lubricating them?

What lubrication is best? A Rem Oil spray equivalent, a light oil, or a heavier gun grease?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Proper Lubrication (for the Model 8/81)

Post by Sarge756 »

Whew! This will certainly open up the proverbial "Can of worms". Opinions on gun lubricants and their application would I imagine be pretty varied. Some have a tried and true product that they started out with taking care of their first 22 single shot way back when. Some buy and try every "new" product that comes along. I`m a little of both. The 8`s and 81`s require different lubricants for different parts of the rifle. The barrel assembly with the recoil springs would use a quality grease. I like RIG Universal and it's one I started out with when Eisenhower was the President. Have bought and used others that are supposed to do the job better(according to the advertsing) but seem to come back to RIG. Tried TETRA (more expensive) and to tell the truth I don`t like the smell and that milky business. They make a copper solvent too that to my nose really stinks. Prefer Hoppes #9 solvent,considered an aphrodisiac by many. Grease would also be in order for the bolt spring enclosed in the tube in the buttstock. As to which parts to lubricate inside??? Any place where metal is making contact metal to metal and moving.Wear marks should make them apparent. Quality gun oil,a light film of RIG or as you mentioned Rem-Oil would fill the bill. I don`t use "Spray" anything. The rule should be like the old Brylcreem commercials "A little dab will do you". Many of the oils offered today have thin metal application tubes for you to apply that little dab. I use those and Q-tips to mop up any excess. Start with squeaky clean parts,lubricate sparingly and enjoy.
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Re: Proper Lubrication (for the Model 8/81)

Post by ranman »

I have use rig on the internal barrel components and only a drop of oil on the rails and trigger assembly. Like sarge stated wipe all excessive oil off as it will be a dirt magnet. Too much oil also will freeze up if in sub zero weather which is often deer season here. Most of the guns I have seen that malfunction are from oil that has varnished up and only need a good cleaning to restore the clearance necessary to function.

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