Split washer in barrel assembly

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Split washer in barrel assembly

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I just disassembled my 30 rem barrel assembly to a recent purchase because the barrel appeared not to extend past the barrel nut enough and to make sure everything was there. Everything was there, well lubed, including a split washer that is not supposed to be there, I left it out upon reassembly. Why did a previous owner put a split washer in the assembly and does it matter how much the barrel protrudes past the barrel nut, most of the 8/81's appear to be more than mine, but in my opinion i think it depends on the length of the barrel and or the length of the barrel nut or how far the barrel end is threaded.
This model 8 is serial number 25,593 and appears to have a new crack beginning at the top tang could this have been caused by the split washer

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Re: Split washer in barrel assembly

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Most likely the washer was put in to keep the barrel nut tight. They can and do come lose. How far the barrel protrudes depends on the thickness of the barrel nut. I know there are three different thickness or heights of nuts. The stocks break because there is no way to hold them tight. When they get just a little lose the stock bolt and tang act like a wedge and crack the stock. I glass bed all my stocks to try and prevent this.

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Re: Split washer in barrel assembly

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I have a Model 8 .32 Remington barrel assembly that has this split washer in it also. I'm pretty sure this barrel assembly has never been apart, and the washer is just like the one pictured. It was positioned between the buffer spring and the abutment inside the jacket. I had never seen one of these, but I've only disassembled four of these rifles: a Model 8 .35, an 81 .35, and two 81 .300 Savage. I was cleaning the inside of the jacket and the washer was still in there.

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Re: Split washer in barrel assembly

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Just disassembled a M8 in 30 30 Rem that had a split washer in the same place. The spring was short according to the specs listed by Numrick arms. However when length of spring is measured with the split washer it comes very close to correct length. I wonder if since this seems to be not an uncommon find that it was a method used by factory to correct variances in spring length during assembly.

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