Remington 81 Main Spring screw issue.

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Remington 81 Main Spring screw issue.

Post by Crisisbill »

I had another Model 81 in 35 cal fall into my lap, it does have a few issues such as a beaten up stock and a few missing screws.
I just found a Main Spring screw on EBay but having a hell of a time installing it, what you you guys use the hold the Spring onto the tang in order to install the screw?
It's such a short screw, but it matches the ones on my other guns.
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Re: Remington 81 Main Spring screw issue.

Post by 81police »

Is the rifle already disassembled?
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Re: Remington 81 Main Spring screw issue.

Post by curdog »

You will have to remove the lower tang/trigger guard from the rifle. Then let the hammer go forward to take the tension off the mainspring. If this is not done, it will put the screw in a bind. This is why most of the mainspring screws are buggered up in the first place, people try to take them out without releasing the spring tension.

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Re: Remington 81 Main Spring screw issue.

Post by jack1653 »

Excellent point Mike!! I really never thought about that because I always take the trigger guard out of the rifle and have removed the hammer before trying to remove the screw. It certainly makes sense once you pointed it out and certainly explains the many buggered screw heads.



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