Blew up my model 81

Information on Malfunctions and Care of your Model 8 & 81
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Blew up my model 81

Post by Sebastian21 »

Took my 300 Savage 81 out to the range today. The first three shots worked but the fourth fired out of battery. Blew three fourths of the head off the case, sheared the ears on the extractor off and tore a chunk out of the bolt carrier. Lots of smoke and gas but nothing hit me in the face. Do not know why it fired out of battery. This box had commercial primer and not the military grade primers that I usually use. Could not find the primer to check for firing pin strike.

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Re: Blew up my model 81

Post by Wildgoose »

Not good. Glad you are OK. That's the most important thing. I would wonder about a stuck firing pin. This has been known to happen from time to time. Not saying that is it but its the first thing that comes to mind. I shoot a lot of old vintage rifles and this sort of thing is always a worry. Hope you can get it figured out and get your rifle back in operation at some point.

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Re: Blew up my model 81

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My guess would be a broken firing pin or a high primer, either not seated all the way into case or loose.
Jim C

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Re: Blew up my model 81

Post by 81police »

Wow, you're OK and that's far more important than the gun.

Out of battery, like a slam-fire for example, is usually the result of a bad firing pin. The rear portion of the firing pin can actually become mushroomed over time and slightly protrude. I believe John Henwood mentioned he noticed it with 300Sav especially. May check his book on that one.
Cam Woodall
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Re: Blew up my model 81

Post by Phyrbird »

Did it fire B4 you pulled the trigger?
If it fired after you pulled trigger, the hammer WILL drop even out of battery.
Did you check chamber for something stuck in it? Prevent bolt from closing all the way.
I infer they were your loads. It could be a high primer, a stretched case (do you trim for length?), a bullet not seated deep enough.
Bolt cam pins could be worn, hanging.

Again, as Cam says, we're thankful you R OK.

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