Barrel jacket bent

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Barrel jacket bent

Post by uhjohnson » Sat Apr 23, 2016 3:32 pm

I finely got a barrel assembly with a 1902 patent date (without sights) and when it arrived i noticed a little swell about 10 inches from the mating surface of the jacket head. After mounting to the receiver it appeared to bend downward, i removed it an placed it on a flat surface between the front of the jacket head and the back of the front sight block. I notched out the area for the threaded sight inserts and it stayed flat until the swell (9.25 inches) and in the next 10 inches it bends the thickness of two dimes or .100 (1 tenth of an inch). I have not taken it apart and have also noticed the barrel does come out past the barrel nut and when pushed back by hand, (removed from receiver), the barrel returns to battery ruff and clunky. There is a chance the barrel is not bent but the bend in the jacket could bow the barrel affecting placement.
Will this affect accuracy and shot placement after each firing, if it can be zeroed or is it anything to worry about

Please help because I have just notified the seller of the problem

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Re: Barrel jacket bent

Post by Sebastian21 » Sat Apr 23, 2016 7:48 pm

I have several barrel jackets. Will have to check patient dates

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Re: Barrel jacket bent

Post by Phyrbird » Sat Apr 23, 2016 10:10 pm

Be sure to check in the barrel for a swell in the bore. Could've been used for a club or there might have been something else. Springs need inspection too.

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Re: Barrel jacket bent

Post by Bandersnatch » Sun Apr 24, 2016 6:03 am

My guess is it was dropped out of an oak tree in Maine.
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