Safety Lever repair

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Safety Lever repair

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Notes on a repair:

Safety won't disengage, lever moves up- down, the safety rocker inside moves but not enough. Bolt is locked forward & hammer won't fall.

1. Check to see if the safety lever is moving on the shaft (this case was) This one had a external screw on the lever.
2. Check if the rocker inside is hanging on the receiver wall (this case was)
3. Make sure the the keys on the safety shaft fit the slots in the rocker correctly. (yeah, that too) :?
a. The rocker can be bent or burred where it slides on the frame. A little stoning can help smooth out burrs, I don't support changing shape of a safety.
However there is a groove inside the frame the rocker could hang in. (YEPP it did) The rocker can be bent to just slide past this.
b. The keys on the shaft must fit the slots in the rocker correctly. They should be a tight, NOT forced fit. You should not hammer the lever into position, Thumb pressure should be plenty!! Stoning these parts for fit is OK, filing maybe, grinder NEVER. Not even a Dremel tool. :evil:
c. The lever moving on the shaft can be serious. NOT GOOD. Peening with a hammer or center punching is the wrong answer... :twisted:
If you have one with the external screw there is hope. If it's flat, loose. and no screw; a good TIG welder could make a permanent repair.(This requires reblue) For those with a screw try this: get some Loctite 609 Shaft locker, apply a tiny amount to the crack in the shaft/lever, actually move the lever around the shaft to spread the fluid evenly and stop in the correct position. Use the link below for photos.


After the Locktite is applied and the lever is positioned correctly don't touch for 12 hrs. That means do not assemble in the rifle :!: :!:
These worked for me.

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