New to the model 81 and this forum.

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New to the model 81 and this forum.

Post by barr44 » Fri Mar 13, 2009 7:02 pm

Hi folks,
Am new to the model 81 and to this site. I have just acquired a model 81, circa 1948. The gun is in what I consider to be 90 to 95% condition. Bluing is intact overall with just a little wear in a couple of spots, nothing extreme. The mechanical condition seems to be very good and the bore is strong and clean. I would post some photos but not quite sure how to on this forum.
From what information that I have seen on this gun, it is not recommended to completely disassemble the gun, without some previous experience. I have disassembled a Light 12 Browning shotgun, which is supposedly a similar system, but I doubt that this would make me qualified. I also don't have any of the required tools for doing this type of dis-assembly, although I have gotten hold of a pictured dis-assembly instruction.
I do have a certain amount of experience but mostly with older semi-auto handguns. Most that I've worked on, I've been able to detect and repair problems. I don't hunt anymore but do spend time at the range fairly often.
I am considering taking the gun to the range and check it out. I don't see anything obvious that would indicate a problem with the gun functioning. As best I can tell the bolt seems to lock up correctly and the firing pin is not stuck or protruding out of the front of the bolt. I figure that a couple of test shots would be in order.
Of course any thoughts from any of you folks would be appreciated.
I'd post photos, but not quite sure how.
This looks like a good spot for information on these interesting rifles, would appreciate any thoughts on shooting this gun and any input from those of you who know.
Thanks, barr

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