New to the Forum-Old hand with Model 8's

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New to the Forum-Old hand with Model 8's

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My Grandfather, Uncles, Father and many of their friends used Model 8's for deer hunting here in the West. I have one complete one, one needs an operating handle, and I have a stock and receiver for a third; SN's 45xxx, 60xxx, and 62xxx. 60xxx would have been a candidate for complete restoration had the barrel not blown up due to Manzanita berries getting in the barrel. It also has an open bottom magazine (???). All three were in my Dad's cabin and it got flooded, so they are heirlooms, not fine guns anymore.

The forum has been very valuable in the process of rebuilding them. Members have provided locations for gun parts and I thank everyone for that input. However, I still need two Operating Handles and a barrel for the 60xxx. 60xxx has a 30 stamped on the extractor, but I think it had a .32 Rem barrel. Unfortunately my father threw away all of the barrel parts.

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Re: New to the Forum-Old hand with Model 8's

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Thanks for the cool history of Model 8's in your family! I hope you get all your rifles up and running, if you need operating handles I have a few. Please email me and I will send you some photographs of what I have.
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