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Good afternoon.

As the subject says I am new here. I have a Model 8 that I inherited from my father 30 years ago. He used it for deer and bear hunting. I have not used it and it just sits in the gun safe.

The guns home is now in the western Florida Panhandle near Eglin AFB. The only hunting I have done since moving here 43 years ago is bird hunting. Have not done that in many years now. Eglin is an excellent place for deer hunting. Hunting with dogs used to be popular, but I think it has greatly reduced. When I retired from the Air Force I owned a feed store and sold lots of dog food to the deer hunters. Age and other activities just seem to take the time so I do no hunting or shooting now.

It is getting that time in life where I need to start thinking what I am going to do with the guns I have. My son will take a couple pistols, but he in a wheel chair and only shoots pistols.

I have several boxes of old Remington ammunition and several of the rare stripper clips.

I will be interested in reading what people have to say about their Model 8's on here.


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Post by fechnerj »

Welcome to the forums. I have been a member for a few months and this is what I have learned here.
1. There is a huge amount of information here which is shared freely and it usually starts with determining the caliber, manufacture date, and condition.
2. You will find many different stories of how member's rifles were obtained, and many like yours were inherited. This is my story.
3. Your intentions for your rifle weren't shared but whatever it might be you will find others that have those same ideas. Whether preservation, restoration, or trading, it's all here.
4. Care of these iconic weapons is usually important, and that topic is well covered.

You are fortunate to own this piece of history. Careful it's a disease.

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Post by Roger »

Sir, I’m sure that if you decide to sell your family’s heirloom, that some one here will be glad to buy it from you. My father passed away recently and I now have his guns, besides my grandfather’s guns too. These are precious heirlooms for my family. I am very lucky to have 3 sons and 3 grandchildren who will all keep these and hold on to them . I’m very sorry that your son isn’t able to take the model 8. But perhaps there’s another family member who might be able to hold on to it. I realize that this is none of my business. But I would hate to have anybody sell an heirloom,and then be sorry later.
Thanks for your time

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Post by jack1653 »

Hey George,

Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you join us. There was some good information on the replies to your post and I would echo the same thing. I can empathize with you on what to do with your firearms. At some point all of us who collect firearms will face the dilemma of getting rid of what we have collected over the years. Good luck and keep us posted. If you have questions, just ak and we will try to respond.



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Post by Rifleman »

Hello GEORGEC--Welcome to the forum from Iowa.

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