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New member

Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2020 5:39 pm
by Chris35w
Greetings. I’ve lurked for some time but finally decided to join. I have a 1917 era Model 8 in .35 Rem. Not long after I got it the recoil spring case shattered and I could not find a replacement, they are apparently made of pure unobtainium. A gunsmith friend made me a replacement and I shot it this afternoon and it worked perfectly.

If any one has need of one for .35 Rem or .300 Savage drop me an email and I can hook you up.

Having an exceptional gunsmith for a friend does have its benefits. I’m not soliciting business only offering a solution to a problem.

Re: New member

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 8:21 am
by 81police
Welcome Chris!! Great fix on your what you gotta do!