Hello From the U.P. Of Michigan

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Hello From the U.P. Of Michigan

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Hello All,
New to the board, I own a small sporting goods store in Newberry, Mi called Dukes Sport Shop and have been collecting/restoring early double barrels for about 15 years, along with making early flintlocks. I have recently dove into a Model 8 romance since watching "The Highwaymen". I have been devouring info on Frank Hamer since and find the story fascinating, that search for info lead me here!

I recently picked up a pretty beat up 30 Remington Model 8 off gun broker that will be an decent candidate for light restoration. I will post pictures of the gun before and after in the Model 8 section of the forum.
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Re: Hello From the U.P. Of Michigan

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Welcome Northup87--Look forward to seeing the results. I bought my 2nd Model 81 300 Savage from a guy in the UP-enjoyed talking with him via telephone prior to buying it. Love looking a pictures of your area!

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Re: Hello From the U.P. Of Michigan

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Welcome and nice springpole!
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Re: Hello From the U.P. Of Michigan

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Yeah, we like pitchers. :)
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