New member in North Texas

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New member in North Texas

Post by dhill6 »

Hey All,

I've been around the site a few times over the years, but finally decided to join the forum. I picked up a Model 8 in 30rem a few years ago, stamp 30/30. I recently acquired a Model 81 in 35rem and used it to frustrate some kids with an ar15 and a magnifier at the local public range.

It'd been a while since I'd been to a public range, and it was sad to see that most didn't even know what I had sitting on the sand bag, let alone heard of the cartridge.

So I figured I'd join the forum and talk it over with folks that knew a descent rifle when they saw one.

Anyway, hope all is well. Cheers!


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Re: New member in North Texas

Post by Hardrada55 »

Hey Derek, former North Texan here. Good to have you on the forum, of course. I hear those AR's are getting so cheap some of the kids are getting interested in decent rifles. Got to pass along the knowledge. Walt
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Re: New member in North Texas

Post by Hibby83 »

Welcome aboard. Not a lot of people today are familiar with this Model.

Enjoy those ol' rifles.

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Re: New member in North Texas

Post by 81police »

Cam Woodall
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Re: New member in North Texas

Post by Roger »

Welcome aboard

Everyone here is friendly and helpful.If you need help just ask.
Thanks for your time

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