New Member from Pensacola FL and Superior WI

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New Member from Pensacola FL and Superior WI

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Howdy everyone ,

Im a new member and i just recently bought my own Model 8 in 35 Remington last year.
Im really excited to use it this hunting season and was hoping anyone knew some good gunsmiths in the regions Im from (Florida panhandle and Northwestern Wisconsin) so i can have it properly stripped and reblued after this season.
Im sure that this has been asked multiple times (because i already read several posts about it) but its always nice to keep topics fresh and flowing in case people have retired or someone has a good new recommendation.

So if anyone has a guy near those spots that they enjoy working with or is a master of the Model 8 I sure would love to get in contact with them. any recommendation is appreciated.

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Re: New Member from Pensacola FL and Superior WI

Post by 81police »

Welcome Huser91!!! Best of luck this season!

Sorry I don't know of any 8/81 specific gunsmiths. C&R Arsenal have a crackerjack gunsmith on tap. Check their website!
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