Hello new member from Rathdrum Idaho

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Hello new member from Rathdrum Idaho

Post by mrkmh »

Hi my name is Keith from North Idaho near Couer d'Alene don't visit here ugly place you wouldn't like it. I wanted to figure out what year my Fathers old 25 Remington was built which brought me to your site. So I figured what the hell I will join the forum. I've had my fathers gun since he passed in 1990 I've only fired it once primarily because I couldn't find ammunition. I was on a waiting list to get custom dies through RCBS which never panned out. I just happened to come across a set of dies for it a few years ago. Now I'm ready to start loading and shooting this old girl. I found that she was built in 1923 but has a hard life a little rust and the blueing is almost all gone. I've been debating whether I should get it reblued but I'm wondering if I should will I hurt or help the value of the rifle.

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Re: Hello new member from Rathdrum Idaho

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Good to have you on the forum. If your gun has little or no original blue left, then in my opinion it is totally up to you as to whether or not it should be re-blued. It all depends on what you would like best. If it's really rough looking now, you may actually improve value a little if you re-blue it. .25 Remington is the rarest caliber for the Model 8 and I think the .25 is the sweetest shooting cartridge.
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Re: Hello new member from Rathdrum Idaho

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Mr Kim,
Welcome, we are always glad to know those that appreciate our heritage. The 25 is a nice cartridge to work with, though not as far reaching as some. If you can find a reputable smith to restore your Dad's rifle I support it.
You can find loaded rounds at Graf's online most of the time. Just be sure to get enough to last in case we have another dry spell like a few years back.

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Re: Hello new member from Rathdrum Idaho

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Welcome! I had to google Couer d'Alene, never heard of it. The pictures were as you say, a ghastly place, why would anyone want to go there. Between you and me, do you know a good place to stay IF someone decided to drive through? haha
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