Hello Forum. New Member and owner with 81 issues

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Hello Forum. New Member and owner with 81 issues

Post by Lebengeek » Thu Sep 08, 2016 8:12 pm

HI Forum,
Very excited to see a forum supporting these great Remington's! I wanted to introduce myself. I have a 1950 model 81 in 35 Rem. Our relationship started out a bit rough as the gentleman I purchased it from failed to take care with packaging the rifle. As a result the stock was broken during shipping. The Seller paid to have the stock fixed which was ok with me. I have had a smile on my face since picking up the Model 81 from my FFL. Being new I apologize for asking advice right away as some things related to the rifle have probably been covered over and over again. My goal though is to have a functioning rifle. Currently I do not. I went to the range today to test the rifle and the stripper clip I came across :) First shot went BANG, Very accurate rifle. looked at the rifle and noticed I had a malfunction. The second bullet was stripped from the magazine but the bolt failed to lock into the barrel. The lugs on the bolt are rotating before entering the barrel and stopping the bolt against the back of the barrel. leaving a live round in the rifle but a gap between the round and bolt face. Any advice on what to look for that would cause the locking lugs on the bolt to rotate early before entering the back of the barrel? I did try loading without clip and didn't get more than 2 rounds in a row to fire. Less than 8 rounds fired total.Thanks for any info. I did have a gunsmith give the gun a once over before going to the range. I was shooting off a bench with factory Rem 200 Gr Core-Lokt SP. Going to dive into the mechanics now.



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