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Post by ChrisB » Thu Aug 25, 2016 9:14 am

Hello everybody. I recently took an interest in my M81 CIRCA 1946 in .300 Sav. I inherited it from my grandfather. I'm not new to guns, but I am new to this one. So far, I've taken it apart except for the barrel & shroud and cleaned the last 70 years of nasty out of it. I've also reconditioned the stock and replaced a buttcap screw. I still need to get the barrel & shroud apart and get it cleaned and lubed. It's looking like a shooter and I'd like to use it as my grandfather did. I'm hoping to make this my ole faithful deer slayer. That being said, since there seems to be a deficiency in available barrel tools, I'm going to make some, a single pin spanner and bushing wrench. They'll be similar to the illusive CBR Pro Set.
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