Hello from North Texas!

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Hello from North Texas!

Post by TexasRazorback »

Hello, all!
I found this site while rooting around for info on what I believe was my grandfather's Model 8 .35 caliber. I remember shooting it a few times with my Dad back in the late 70's and I just took it out and fired a few rounds last month.
I'm looking forward to learning from the collective knowledge here and possibly meeting up with some of the DFW area members as well.

I will try to get some photos up before long.



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Re: Hello from North Texas!

Post by jack1653 »

Welcome aboard Harrison! Good to have another Texan on board to keep 81police happy. We would like to see some pictures of your rifle.

Be sure to check the thread for the Great 8 Event. I would love to have you come to the event and join some fellow forum members for an outing of shooting the 8 & 81 rifles. We will be viewing my collection as well as some of the other that guys will be bringing.



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Re: Hello from North Texas!

Post by Phyrbird »

Welcome TRB :lol: Harrison. Pics are nice, we like. Come to Great 8 Event if you can, lots of fun for us infected with Jackitis. Like to see you.

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Re: Hello from North Texas!

Post by 81police »

Howdy from another fellow Texan! We'd love to see your Model 8
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Re: Hello from North Texas!

Post by northcountrygent »

Welcome Harrison. So cool to have your Granddad's rifle! Those old guns are still taking deer, bear, and other game just as they did in the early 1900's. They're also just plain fun to shoot.

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Re: Hello from North Texas!

Post by Sarge756 »

Welcome Harrison. North Texas you say??? Heck, you are halfway to Illinois and the event at Jack`s the last weekend in July. Hope you can join us and bring GrandPa`s rifle with you.
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