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new member from Northern NY

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Hi--I'm Bruce from Northern NY. My model 8 story began back in 1990, when I picked up an old Remington Auto loading rifle (from 1910) in 35 Rem for $150. I shot a nice buck with it that fall-- and many more since, along with several bears. It has become my favorite gun! I've purchased one since then (also 35 Rem, but from the 1920s). They both shoot great-- very accurate! Love 'em! I have recently written a book about some of our hunting and fishing adventures in Northern NY. Some of you might be interested in it, as in several chapters the Model 8 Rem is the star of the show! Once I learn how to maneuver on this site (like private messaging, etc) maybe some of you will check out my book. May God bless you all!

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Re: new member from Northern NY

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another Adirondack assassin! I've never walked those woods but have flown over them and marveled at what a beautiful wilderness they are. Your book sounds extremely interesting not just the location but the rifle as well! WELCOME :D
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Re: new member from Northern NY

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Welcome from Texas! Few people from the rest of the country relalize the REAL New York is the breathtaking upstate. Beautiful countryside and great people. My wife and I would live up there in a heartbeat if you had more freedom. I love hunting tales and hope to make some with my new 1950 .300 sav m81!

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Re: new member from Northern NY

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Howdy do!
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Re: new member from Northern NY

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Hey Bruce,

Welcome aboard. Hope to hear some good stories and see some pictures.



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