Howdy from Texas

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Howdy from Texas

Post by Genecockrell »

Just discovered the site and am impressed. I've had two of these guns, an 81 Woodmaster which was stolen years back and a straight grip 8 which I have here. Both in .30. I handload the ammo and have had some prety nice results with them for just fun shooting and as whitetail deer rifles. Finish on the 8 is really good, probably 95% of the original blue is there however the stock finish is showing a strange rough surface on one side of the stock only, like it sat in the sun too long or something. Probably just leave it alone..
Again, great job with the site..

///Gene Cockrell

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Re: Howdy from Texas

Post by Sarge756 »

Welcome from N.Florida. I also like the 30 Rem in these rifles. Duplicating the 30-30 Win it is a very well balanced round that is a little easier on the shoulder. Since you are a reloader am sure you`ve found with some of the modern powders like the Leverevolution stuff from Hornady and a proper bullet that the old 30Rem is plenty of rifle for game.
I`ve encountered stocks like you describe with rough spots on one side. Probably due to that side having been exposed to more sunlight/drying than the other . You are on the right track to not mess with an arm that is original but you can spruce it up a bit without hurting anything. Two products come to mind that will take care of those rough spots and not do any damage. "Arrow Stock cleaner" or "Howards Restore a finish " have worked well for me. If these products unavailable a thinned mixture 50/50 of regular varnish and no odor mineral spirits works . Use 0000 steel wool to apply and rub lightly with the grain of the wood in a small area at a time.Wipe residue with clean cloth as you work. Finish it with a coat of paste furniture wax like Johnsons . You will like it better than those rough spots.
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Re: Howdy from Texas

Post by jack1653 »

Hey Gene,

Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you with us and hope that you will join in the conversations. We are always glad to hear other perspectives on the issues presented here. If we can help in any way, just ask. Somebody will have a viewpoint. If you get a chance to share some pictures of your rifles, we like seeing them.



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Re: Howdy from Texas

Post by 81police »

Howdy from a fellow Texan!
Cam Woodall
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Re: Howdy from Texas

Post by Hester »

Good to have you, I just got started myself on this site and have gotten some great advice.

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