Hello from Coffeyville KS

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Hello from Coffeyville KS

Post by Louie »

Hello to you all.
Just bought my first Model 8 at an auction Saturday. Am trying to buy some ammo (35) and have no luck, seams everybody is out of stock or wants $40.00 a box of 20. Is this ammo in short supply or is it that they don't make much of it? I found one box of it today from an old man who lives here today, the price was $19.75 just what is a fair price in todays market? The rifle has some issues, it has what I call matting on one side of the receiver and barrel tube, have tried steel wool with some oil, but you can still feel it with a finger. I think it should reblued but that could be costly. Other than that the gun is fine. This model 8 was made first year production 129xx. Also the rear sight is real hard to pick-up on, not like some others I have seen. :D

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Re: Hello from Coffeyville KS

Post by Sarge756 »

Welcome from N Florida. I sent you a PM.
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Re: Hello from Coffeyville KS

Post by 81police »

Welcome Louie :D
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Re: Hello from Coffeyville KS

Post by Bandersnatch »

Howdy do!
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Re: Hello from Coffeyville KS

Post by jack1653 »

Howdy Louie,

Glad to have you join the group. Welcome.



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Re: Hello from Coffeyville KS

Post by In The Ten Ring »

Yes, hi, how are you?

Nice to have you here.

I could be wrong but I think first-year production total was only 4 digits in serial number.

You bought a box of (20?) .35 Remington for less than $20.00? You did EXCEEDINGLY well there.

Pics, we need pics.

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