Now a qualified member.

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Now a qualified member.

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Found this site June 2014 but haven't visited since them.
Bought a Remington Model 81A (.35 Rem) last night and now consider myself qualified.
According to the seller it was made in 1950.

Looks good and a great addition to my collection.
He has a 1949 REMINGTON MODEL 141 GAMEMASTER Pump 35REM I'm considering.

Anyway, one more item checked off my bucket list.

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Re: Now a qualified member.

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Well congrats man. Can you get us some pics of your "new to you" rifle?

I have bought two each of Model 8's and 81's and I am yet to shoot any of them. One has a bolt lock issue and the others seem good to go and I've bought up a few peep sights and ammo. (.300 Savage and .35 Rem). I plan to hunt with what I've bought. I bought the book on these rifles and plan to reload.

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Re: Now a qualified member.

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Yeah, pics are always in order. :)
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