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Hello from Minnesota!

Posted: Sun Feb 22, 2015 7:55 am
by MN Rifleman
GREAT site! Although I've collected firearms for many years, I only recently picked up my first "Great" Model 8. It's a 32 Remington in very nice condition, especially the bore and has a vintage Weaver K2.5 with a cross hair and post reticle. It was a bit dry when I got it but after going through it and lubing, cleaning the barrel, etc. it seemed to function the way it was supposed to. I looked around and found a set of Redding Dies, some 32 Remington cases (new ones no less) and some 30 Remington cases (sized those to 32). There was some VERY HELPFUL info on this site about 32 Remington Load Development and with some Reloader 7, Speer 170 grain Hot Cores and Federal Match Primers I put together some surprisingly accurate loads. They held less than an inch at 50 yards (the lace on leather cheek piece I put on helped also). Plenty good enough to plug a Northern MN Whitetail with next fall! The Model 8 & 81 I think might be somewhat addictive...........already thinking one in 35 Remington would be cool....hmmmm ;) . Anyone know where I can get a Marbles Peep sight?

Re: Hello from Minnesota!

Posted: Mon Feb 23, 2015 7:26 pm
by In The Ten Ring
Great to read this news man. :D

I am a fan of .32 caliber rounds and would love to have a Model 8 in this caliber. Keep us some point I am going to have to learn how to reload to shoot these great rifles.

Can you post pics?

Re: Hello from Minnesota!

Posted: Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:06 pm
by Bandersnatch
Howdy Do! I got into yet another obscure caliber when I started loading .30 rem. These old designs are a hoot to shoot, though my model 8 has been a pain in the arse due to parts failures. Still, what's a hobby without a few cuss words and busted knuckles?