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Just received 1923 Model 8 in 30 Remington. Completely took apart the rifle. I was impressed how easy it was. The barrel and and recoil spring are stainless steel with no rust marks, inside barrel shines with rifle grooves in very good condition. Took apart receiver and cleaned and oiled all moving parts, they are in great condition clean. Two small marks inside left side receiver from previous owners not placing the magazine indicator spring into the receiver slot correctly. This Friday I will test the velocity FPS different loads of 170 grain .308 dia. cast with gas checks bullets with 5 rounds of each 23.5, 24, 24.5, 25 grains of 3031 in new 30 Remington I found. I found the recipe from Lyman reloading manual. 3031 burns a little slower than 4198.

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Howdy do! :)
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