New owner in Michigan

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New owner in Michigan

Post by Dadand2boys »

Hello from Northern Michigan.
I recently received a model 8, I think, from my father in law. It belonged to his father or grandfather. I believe it was made in 1905, based on the Lyman peep site date of July 26, 1905. The shells he gave me were Remington 30's, and the bolt action says rem 30-30. What kind of shells will work if I can't find Remington 30's? Thanks for the help. White tail season starts in 3 weeks!

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Re: New owner in Michigan

Post by 81police »

Hey Dadand2boys! Glad you found us!

Congrats on the Model 8. Production of these guns didn't start until 1906, and if you want to know the date of your rifle please refer to the link below...

If your barrel extension is marked "30-30Rem" then your rifle is chambered in "30 Remington". This cartridge has long been out of production, but Buffalo Arms does load some up for a reasonable price. A link to this product is below... ... x?CAT=4445

Enjoy the gun :D
Cam Woodall
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Re: New owner in Michigan

Post by imfuncity »

Welcometothemadness... my crystal ball sees at least two more 8/81s in your future (and2boys). ;)

Pictures are the secret password to the club, especially ones of a successful hunt with one of our favorite humpbacks. :D

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