newbe also.

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newbe also.

Post by barrett »

Hello everyone. I got a little ahead of myself asking for info prior to an introduction. I am Jeff from upstate NY originally bu a Floridian for the past forty years. Grandsons are now interested in hunting so I unpacked the old Model 8 32 and am now finding difficulty getting parts. Have taken gun to several gunsmiths (who love it), but cannot replace front sights. Now looking to install scope. Any advice will be appreciated.

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Re: newbe also.

Post by DWalt »

My advice. Don't

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Re: newbe also.

Post by imfuncity »

Agree don't. Lots of them already out there with holes for scopes... I'll trade you one or two.

Oh and welcome to the craziness.
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Re: newbe also.

Post by Big Dooley »

Hello there Barrett and welcome to the forum. I agree with everyone about leaving the rifle original. I have a 1928 Model 8 in .30 Remington and I love it. If your grandsons use the rifle and learn the iron sights, it can really be a fun rifle to hunt with. I love hunting with my iron sights and have successfully taken deer with it at reasonable distances. I find it more fun to use than my scoped deer rifles. Enjoy your rifle and good luck!
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Re: newbe also.

Post by Gleedaniel13 »

Agree don't. Lots of them already out there with holes for scopes... I'll trade you one or two.

Oh and welcome to the craziness.
Are you sure that the one you want to trade is still a very good guns to barter with?

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Re: newbe also.

Post by 81police »

Hey it's great to have ya barrett :mrgreen: Sounds like you're in a favored position; the cool grandpa with the cool rifle!

I would also agree with the many previous posters, avoid drilling & tapping the receiver for a scope. If you're looking for a front sight then any one made for standard 3/8 dovetail should work.
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Re: newbe also.

Post by Sarge756 »

Welcome Barrett. I have an 8 in 32 Remington on the way and have put together some reloading supplies for it. Probably have a front sight that would work with yours somewhere in the parts bin. Let me know if I can help and I`ll dig through it and see what I can find. Don`t even think about drilling ugly holes in yours.
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Re: newbe also.

Post by Roger »

I wouldn't think of tapping that old rifle for a scope mount either. It's good advice from all these good members.
Just putting in my 2 cents worth here.
Thanks for your time

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