Just Joined... and pleased I did!

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Just Joined... and pleased I did!

Post by tincansailor »

Greetings from snowy Maine. It's been a hard winter and still the damn stuff is setting all time records.

But how did I get here to the Model 81? You might well ask.

I am somewhat of a S&W collector and usually browse their for sale forum frequently. And surprise, there is for sale,
as of this instant, a Remington 81 (300 SAV) relatively unmessed with. It's down in Texas.

My first (and only 81) I traded for a Swede M94(?) carbine back in the '60's. I took a couple of deer with the 81 and traded it away for some forgotten jewel. Regretted it ever since. I manage one or two gun shows a year and I usually have a list of what I want to buy. My list is mostly for older military rifles for my collection but I always add a Model 81 to the list each year. Haven't found that many up here in Maine; guess most hunters back in the day had Win 94's. Still I keep hoping that I will stumble across my Model 81 and hence, here I am, having found this neat website. I'll check in and keep my fingers crossed!

Now I am just enjoying all the expertise and knowledge here. Great expectations that I'll finally get my 81!

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Re: Just Joined... and pleased I did!

Post by Packmule »

Howdy! and Welcome from Texas
glad ya found us.
And glad to have a Mainer
love it up your way and hope to get back someday up there for bear again.
Enjoy the site and good luck in your search for a Model 81
should be tons up there <>Pack

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Re: Just Joined... and pleased I did!

Post by keltg »

Hello from Manitoba Canada, welcome to the site.
Smile makes others wonder what you are up to

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Re: Just Joined... and pleased I did!

Post by imfuncity »

Welcome, glad you found us.

There was a time when it was thought that there were more 8/81s in your next of the woods then anywhere else, but also that they were well used. Interesting that you haven't had one cross your path. Are you oppose to buying online and having one shipped in? A bit of a gamble but I've done better online then F2F.

One caution to be consider before your purchase, they are known to be herd critters, often a single one is not happy until another has been added to your collection and then another.... No known cure 'cept to keep buying.
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Re: Just Joined... and pleased I did!

Post by 81police »

welcome aboard tincansailor!
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Re: Just Joined... and pleased I did!

Post by tincansailor »


Thanks for the warm welcome. There's a gun show next month close to home and I will certainly check out any Model 81 that happens to be there. Hopefully, I'll get my 81 sooner rather than later. It has always been a goal to own a Remington 81 and a matching 12 gauge Remington 11. I was left an 11-48 by a good friend and it's all the shotgun I need, but it isn't a Model 11. Although I understand the action is almost the same.

IMFUNCITY, you're prolly right about going online to get one. It's not really the price (well, within reason), it's just I don't like to buy a pig in a poke, so to speak. The 81 I referred to on the S&W Forum shows a really strange buttstock that shows a LOT of metal around the pistol grip/tang. I'm not sure if it is even a Model 81 buttstock. So that one gets a pass. Plus the poster isn't the seller. It's his father in law's, who lives in Michigan I think. I pm'ed the poster about the firearm and he said he didn't know if it was accurate (?) but it had a beautiful bore. He could tell from Texas?

But now my enthusiasm for the Models 8 and 11 has finally earned top billing on my 'list'. It's been too long and I am determined to get a decent one of each. To be honest, I joined the group here hoping to see if anyone had a decent specimen they would possibly sell. Firstly, the members here care about the weapons or they wouldn't be here. Secondly, they prolly wouldn't have 'bubba' gunsmithed them.

Yes, one would think there would be quite a few up here in Maine. If they are here, not very many at all on the market.
Maine is a very poor state, and I recollect that none of the hunters that I remember from the 50's and 60's had one except >me<. My father was reckoned a big spender as he had a Savage 99! The average woods gun was a 12 gauge with a rifled slug load or a 'thutty thutty'. Maybe the Masshole Hunters from Boston could afford a Model 81, not many locals could.

I'll certainly let the board know when I get my 81. And then I expect I'll overload everyone with questions about maintenance, etc.

I saw Larry Potterfield's Midway video on the 81 on Youtube. I had one for two, three years and didn't know it was a take down! (Hey, I was in college and working nights, didn't have much time for my hobbies).

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Re: Just Joined... and pleased I did!

Post by Roger »

Sir,if you look on my website listed in my signature box below, you'll see pics of a m-81 in 300 savage that I have for sale right now. Email me if you are interested, and we'll look at a fair price. I've got 5 other 300 sav.m-81 s, so I don't feel that I need all of them. I'm now trying to add more pistol grip m-8 s to my collection,so i'll be re-investing any moneys that I receive. Mitch is right about them needing roommates,they're actually quite demanding!!
Thanks for your time,

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Re: Just Joined... and pleased I did!

Post by ROBOPUMP »

If you are looking for a model 8 or 81, I have one of each that I want to sell.
I probably have a model 11 in real nice condition that I would consider selling.
Send me a private email. r.bowden@sbcglobal.net


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