Another new Canadian to the site

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Another new Canadian to the site

Post by smitsauce »

Hello to everyone from Ontario, Canada,

I just found this site after purchasing my first model 8 which just happened to be a peerless one! I have posted pictures in the Q&A section if you want to check her out. Really nice little community feeling on here. I just might have to stay for a few decades.

Lots of good reading on here! Already looking forward to an 81 in .300 savage at some point. Then a...and then a... Not sure how many I am going to NEED! :D


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Re: Another new Canadian to the site

Post by 81police »


How many guys can say my first model 8 was a "D" grade? How cool.

If you're already wanting another 8/81 be aware this may be early signs of prolonged addiction! Welcome to the club :)
Cam Woodall
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Re: Another new Canadian to the site

Post by jack1653 »

Hey smitsauce,

Welcome to the forum. I have viewed the pictures of the grade 4 and you have made a great purchase. When you get it all cleaned the way you want it, you will be impressed with the final product. We thank you for posting the pictures and sharing your treasure with us. I hope this model 8 it is the first of many that you will acquire of this fantastic rifle. Let us know if we can be of help.



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