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.35 Rem Fan
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New Guy .35 Rem Fan

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Finally, a web-site where someone else appreciates the old Browning rifles.

I am an official old-fart who has been collecting, shooting,reloading and gunsmithing in various capacities for the past 50+ years. I am a retired LEO (19 yrs. ago) now selling insurance. I have been a working gunsmith, military and police armorer, completed an associate program gunsmithing course (1964), and have worked on everything from small arms to 8" Howitzers, chemical weapons, flame throwers, and generally everything the Army referred to as Small Arms while in that servie in the 1960s.

I have had 3 .35 Remington Model 8s, currently 2. Also 2 Remington 141s, a .35 and a .30 from the last year of production, 1950. For some reason here in Utah almost the only Model 81s you ever see are .300 Savage, and I just have never been able to get enthusiastic about the cartridge. As a result I have never had an 81.

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Re: New Guy .35 Rem Fan

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Welcome, former LE myself. Good to have you aboard!

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Re: New Guy .35 Rem Fan

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Welcome, working on my 19th LEO year and 12 more to go before I can even think about retiring :( I turn a few screwdrivers in my job too).

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Re: New Guy .35 Rem Fan

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Another retired L.E.O. here.

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Re: New Guy .35 Rem Fan

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Welcome aboard. I'm also a retired LEO. Like you, I also am a fan of the grand old 35 Remington cartridge. I have a Model 141 chambered for the 35 Remington and it is a favorite woods rifle. I'm still looking for an 8/81 in 35, but haven't made a deal yet. A few years ago I came to appreciate the 300 Savage cartridge when I found a really nice Model 81 so chambered.

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