New to the site...long time owner.

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New to the site...long time owner.

Post by matt81501 »

Hi to everyone. Was dinking around on the net and was happy to stumble across this site.

My 81 belong to my grandfather. The story goes that right after WWII a man drove into Leadville, Co. with a truck load of these that he sold out the back for $50.00. My grandfather bought it, took it deer hunting that fall and never shot it again. It sat in it's case until he died suddenly in 1974 at which point it was given to me. I was only 9 at the time so it then sat in my mothers closet until I turned 18. I'm now 47 and only over the last couple of years have really got into the shooting sport. The gun is like brand-new and a prized possession in my family. The serial # is in the 35's which I believe puts it in '46? Anyway...nice to run into you all and I'm glad to know there's a spot I can turn to if I need info and chat about such a great rifle!

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Re: New to the site...long time owner.

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Welcome to The Great Model 8, we're glad you found us! The story of your 81 is pretty cool, we'd all love to see a picture or two of it sometime. You have any questions on the rifle there's a heap of knowledgeable guys in here.
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Re: New to the site...long time owner.

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Welcome and I would like to see a picture too...d2

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Re: New to the site...long time owner.

Post by Sarge756 »

Welcome Matt . Your mention of Leadville, brought back some great memories of Colorado.We hunted area not far from Leadville in Gunnison wildlife area for years. Went through Leadville several times and always thought about the hard work that had been done by hard men at that location.Stopped once and fished the little pools spaced down the mountain from some small streams and found them full of trout.It was a heck of a climb.Can`t imagine what it was like to make that climb just to get to work in a mine.
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