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new in maine

Posted: Sun Sep 11, 2011 4:22 pm
by jc4x4s10
So i bought a model 8 in .35 rem. sold a 10/22 to get it. 210.00 out the door it shots good but is ugly as all sin forend looks like it was cewed on has 6 holes in the side of the reciver for a long lost scope mount very little blueing front site is over sized hans off the fron and back of site base pits in the barrel jacket and very little blueing but it is a great gun. dead on empty spray paint cans at 75 yards. i did notice that it is backing out primers with leverlution ammo and slightly bulging the primers with remington ammo. Do you think it is head spacing or is it weak action spring? were can i get new springs for this gun? the rear site is a marbles and the front a lyman. i see a few guys on here in maine im in wilton anyone close by